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As children of parents from various backgrounds, countries and unique upbringings, the ITS4THEKIDS Foundation is passionately focused on assisting the next generation of children to be able to live a healthy life with access to resources to be able to reach their fullest potential and foster a community of giving back. The ITS4THEKIDS team work together across various communities to develop programs, events and initiatives with our team directly on the ground with the goal of creating a personal connection to ensure we can identify any unique needs of the children! To learn more, or if you have an idea to assist any children in your community, please contact us to learn more!

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Pitch Perfect

Once a month, our Pitch Perfect initiative grants the opportunity for any organization across the globe to pitch to our Board in hopes of securing funding for their own initiatives geared towards helping children in various challenging circumstances. Check out our Pitch Perfect page to learn more!


Bridge the Gap

In response to heightened community tensions in recent years, Its4theKids has partnered with Police Departments in South Florida to distribute toys, diapers, sporting equipment, art supplies, PPR and toiletries to underserved communities. Our hope is to create and facilitate dialogue between police departments and the most vulnerable kids in the communities, resulting in "Bridging the Gap."


Bags of Hope

Its4theKids Bags of Hope initiative provides foster children with new duffle bags to carry their things. Beyond that, our team fills the duffle bags with much needed toiletries, supplies, and a special hand-written message from us.


Disaster Relief

When disasters strike, our team moves to act. From our own backyards to The Bahamas to Haiti, our team mobilizes and executes. We are proud to have sent multiple millions of dollars worth of goods to the hardest hit areas in the world. Our donors and volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide food and supplies all over the world.


Holiday Toy Drives

Each holiday season, the Its4TheKids team partners with various organizations to collect toys to make sure that no child in our community goes without a present during the holidays. 


Gracious Hands

Gracious Hands is called "home" by the most incredible 39 children, ranging in age from 2 to 16. They feel safe, cared for and loved. Based in Gressier, Haiti, It's4TheKids has been fortunate enough to provide our angels with education, food, security, endless love, and most importantly, hope! 


Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Each calendar quarter, It's4TheKids partners with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to enrich the life of a patient. Over the years, we’ve been able to help with housing, transportation, meals, toys and emotional support for the bravest of kids in the most challenging of circumstances.

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